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Photo shows a healthy lunch optionModern day employees can receive training for site safety, fire safety, construction safety, food safety, and a million subjects besides. In short, safety is a pretty tightly controlled and well understood discipline. Yet many of the industries where health & safety training and protocols are most prominent - manufacturing and construction, for instance - also have the most severe issues with mental health. It seems the H in H&S is not being given the same level of attention.

The majority of employees in these industries are men - and it’s men who are overwhelmingly affected by suicide, which is the leading cause of death in men under 35. In addition, a shocking 454 construction workers took their lives in 2015; this is four times the industry average, and more than ten times the number of deaths by other causes. Long hours, as well as a widespread ‘macho culture’ may be to blame, but so is the failure to address these issues on the part of businesses and industries.

Lunch breaks

Lunch breaks aren’t just an opportunity to refuel - they’re a break from the bustle of the working day, and an opportunity to put your obligations to one side, at least for a short time. A l…

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Top Five Common Warehouse Safety Hazards & Ways to Prevent Them

Photo shows a forklift being used in a warehouseWorkplace safety standards continue to improve each year; however, today’s workforce, especially within a warehouse, still can be dangerous environments with many potential hazards and associated risks.

Warehouse safety goes hand in hand with productivity. Lost workforce hours, damaged stock and machine repairs all eat away at your bottom line, so taking a serious approach to safety means much more than just making sure you're compliant.

Common Warehouse Hazards

  1. Forklifts

Forklift accidents are some of the most serious types of accidents in warehouses, due to the sheer size of the vehicle and the fact that it operates in such close proximity to workers on foot. One simple mistake can be very dangerous. Drivers often become very confident using forklifts; this is generally great but complacency can lead to carelessness.

Forklift accidents generally either involve driving into something, or mishandling materials. In the first instance, you're looking at a damaged forklift or damaged racking. At worst, a person may have been struck, which will, of course, cause serious problems. Mishandling materials is typically the result of over-stacking a forklift. This may …

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8 Tips for a Safe Journey During Your Next Business Trip

Photo shows people on an aeroplaneNowadays, the world is so connected and easily accessible that business now requires people to fly to the other side of the world in order to sell products, meet clients and establish potential partnerships.

However, as a business sending employees to travel into uncharted territory, it’s vital that you have your wits about you. After all, if they’re travelling around a strange place with potentially sensitive and private documents in hand, there’s an obvious risk of danger.

To ensure your next business is safe with your employee’s wellbeing in mind, here are eight tips to remember.

Duty of Care Requirements

As a business, you have a responsibility known as a duty of care. This means you need to accurately assess any potential risks that your employees might come across during their travels and show proof that you’ve evaluated their health and safety, well-being and whether any precautions need to be taken.

Individual Employee Needs

Every employee is different and will need different things taken into account when travelling on behalf of your business. “For example, while one employee might be a confident traveller, they may suffer from a condition such …

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