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The implications of leaving the EU on health and safety in Britain


Since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, workplace health and safety regulations have steadily developed into the set of laws, regulations and standards we have today.

Furthermore, many of the regulations and standards British companies have to adhere to have come from European Union (EU) directives and laws, and from decisions made by the European Court.

Therefore, in this article, Ian Patterson, co-founder of Paint Inspection, a coating inspection and surveying company that ensure that industrial structures and transport adheres to the UK’s environmental and safety regulations, outlines the benefits of the UK’s current workplace health and safety regulations to both employers and employees before considering the effect Britain leaving The EU could have on occupational health and safety regulations.

While often maligned by some employers and some areas of the press, workplace health and safety regulations set clear standards and expectations for both employers and employees.

While the responsibility for a safe workplace is ultimately on the employer and it is their responsibility to ensure employees know their obligations under relevant wor…

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Why hi-vis clothing is a vital workplace investment


Photo shows a man wearing a hi vis vest

In very simple terms, the reason for investing in hi-vis (high visibility) clothing for your workers is quite straightforward - it can stop them from being injured. It will also possibly save you from all kinds of reputational damage or compensation claims if one of your workers gets hurt in an incident which could have been avoided had you provided your workers with appropriate safety clothing. Here are the answers to some key questions about the use of hi-vis clothing.

How does hi-vis clothing actually work?

Hi-vis clothing is made of a bright, fluorescent fabric, with bands of reflective material in strategic locations. Some hi-vis clothing actually has LED lights as well, for extra visibility.  Where there is plenty of ambient light, usually in the daytime, it is the sheer brightness of the fluorescent material which makes the wearer visible. As the ambient light decreases, the reflective bands pick up on any available light source, such as car headlights so that the wearer can still be seen in the darkness. In environments where there is potentially no light at all, hi-vis clothing needs to have incorporated LEDs (with an appropriate power source) to remain effective…

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How digital signage can help improve health and safety


Effectively implementing health and safety policies is a big priority in workplaces. Whenever an incident occurs whether big or small, a business and its workers need to feel secure in the knowledge that they are protected. This is no small matter for a company as it can prove disastrous with possibilities of criminal charges or legal action when companies fail to follow correct health and safety procedures. Digital signage is a new way to implement and share your health and safety policies with your workforce and I will talk about why you should consider it too.

A variety of different workplaces can benefit from digital signage displays. From offices to factories to building sites, these workplaces will all have their own set of distinct health and safety procedures. By installing a digital signage display there is now an open line of communication where employees can be reminded of key health and safety rules in place. This kind of visibility means there is no room for excuses and ensures that everyone is working towards a higher level of welfare. This can also stop workers from inadvertently disobeying the correct rules. This would often not be done by choice but by the lack

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